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Ahh The Music Business

2008-05-31 11:56:34 by MathcoreMathcore

Well, I don't know who reads these things but I'd just like to say how annoying it is to have gone from Number 1 in the General Rock chart list to 88...

Unlike most of the music on here, my (our) song was made by real people in a real recording studio and it's a shame how little some people appreciate that fact.

Ok so maybe I should be happy with my current 4.33 out of 5, but it's just not doing it for me.
I need more people to vote 5 out of 5 seeing as there haven't been many votes yet (meaning it'll be worth more). Now I know how this sounds - asking for 5's - but I guess I'm desperate for some front page fame or even a place on the All Time Top Scoring.

Help a fella out and at least listen to my band's track here /146396

It took us over 8 hours straight to record and I don't know how long to write. And thanks to the people that already have listened/voted/commented. Appreciated.

Sam - The Barefaced Cheek


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