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New Song Plus New Recording!!

2008-08-18 18:43:01 by MathcoreMathcore

OK, some of you patient listeners (not sure how many of you that is) may be excited to hear that The Barefaced Cheek have finished recording of Flying High and you can hear it here FIRST!

Not only that but we've edited some of Morals (Who Needs 'Em) so be sure to check it out as well.



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2008-08-24 06:17:28

Managed to push 'Flying High' all the way up to 4.54. It'll probably be bombed down soon, but it might get you another review or two. ;D


2008-10-10 18:05:32

Patient listener one here! So when exactly are you releasing Flying High? Or did you just edit TBC?


2008-11-04 12:43:52

u are ma hero because masturbation is fun now

MathcoreMathcore responds:

I'm so glad